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Celebrating 36 years of service to CBers around the world!

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Welcome, CB radio hobbyists!  Since 1976 we’ve been the leader in CB Radio books, plans, kits, modifications, & technical information.  We specialize in unique, hard-to-find performance options for Citizens Band, 10-Meter, & HF radios.

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Eddany Live love de Eventing Playera de tirantes Live tirantes 8bd8777       

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Click Below To Download Book Samples!
The “Screwdriver Expert’s” Guide (239Kb ZIPped PDF)
The CB PLL DATA Book (136Kb ZIPped PDF)
Understanding & Repairing CB Radios (866Kb ZIPped PDF)

About the author (Lou Franklin)

Dynamic Speech Processor Kit
Blows Their Ears Off!

Tripower Broadband Linear RF Amplifier
22-Page Detailed Construction Plans

 All About How Audio Speech Clipping Works

Click here for Schematic Diagram

FREEBIE! Specific Power & Modulation Tweaks for PLL CBs.
Eddany Live love de Eventing Playera de tirantes Live tirantes 8bd8777 Straight from Appendix F of our "Screwdriver Expert's Guide", this lists thousands of CB radios alphabetically by the PLL chip they use.  Find your CB model in the list and you'll see exactly which coils, controls, or parts to tweak for maximum RF power output and modulation.
NEW! The GALAXY & RANGER Service Manual, Second Edition.
We've expanded this popular book to include tech details on even more models.
FREE DOWNLOAD! Secrets of Broadbanding
You just modified that CB to expand its frequency range. But it

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Eddany Live love de Eventing Playera de tirantes Live tirantes 8bd8777 - pioglitazoneonline.accountant

FREE DOWNLOAD! Mike Wiring Guide.
Need to rewire a mike or add a power mike?  We tell you exactly Eddany Live love de Eventing Playera de tirantes Live tirantes 8bd8777 how to do it.  Find out the functions of each mike socket pin or mike cable wire, cure squeals, etc.
FREE DOWNLOAD! CB Crystal Mixing Charts (each 20K PDF).
Includes 95% of all mobile & base crystal-synthesized CBs!  Use these 36 charts to figure out those "dead channel" or "dead channel group" symptoms in the older models, or figure your own new frequencies for modifications.  Download and print for a handy reference!
FREE DOWNLOAD! Channel & Frequency Chart (14Kb PDF).
Free 1-page download covers Ch.1–40 in standard band, plus 7 other bands, 4 down and 3 up.  Total range shown is 25.165–28.755 MHz.

Learn advanced frequency modifications using these amazing programmable chips.  This 60-page manual picks up where THE CB PLL DATA BOOK leaves off.   Even includes PC board artwork to make your own modification circuits for many popular PLL chips.  The EPROM book's now out of print, and this free download is the only way to learn about this subject!

Please browse this Web site or download our paper catalog in Acrobat .PDF (633Kb) or Word .DOC (1Mb) for the kind of unusual CB radio stuff you just won’t find anywhere else.  We specialize in technical information and high-performance accessories for CB radios. Our products include books, plans, kits, and modification info for CB and 10 Meter Ham operators. Over 100,000 copies of our do-it-yourself books have been sold around the world since 1976. The giant 370-page tech manual UNDERSTANDING & REPAIRING CB RADIOS is already in most city libraries around the U.S., and is referenced in the Grolier CD-ROM encyclopedia. Find out why!

FREE!  SAMS CB Fotofacts?Model Index Plus, including over 30 years worth of unlisted and little known model data from our own files.  Over 1700 CBs.  See if the tech info you need to maintain & repair those older radios is still available.  Print the list for a handy reference!

All orders include a current paper catalog of everything we offer.  If you'd rather study the paper catalog before ordering, please download and print the PDF version above, or send $3 (USA & Canada) or $6 (Air Mail all other countries) to cover mailing costs.  See the "Contact Us" link. Download Now! Playeras sin Mangas   Complete CB Specialties catalog (633Kb in Acrobat .PDF)
Download Now!   Complete CB Specialties catalog (1Mb in Microsoft Word .DOC)
Download Now!   Order Form only from catalog (39Kb in Acrobat PDF)
Download Now!  
Order Form only in plain text (9Kb ASCII)
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